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Sitting over books for long hours is not the only way of acquiring knowledge.In historic places or cultural and scientific centres, learning can befun and will help to combine theory and practice. And what can youachieve? Well, one day you may well win a knowledge competition!


The Planetarium (al. Piłsudskiego 38, tel. 89 533 49 51) – the Planetariumof Space Flights in Olsztyn was opened on the 500th anniversaryof Nicolas Copernicus’s birth (in 1973). In 1982 it was renamed tothe Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory. For years thousandsof people have admired the sky above Olsztyn through the telescopesin the Observatory and watched other astronomical phenomena underthe dome of the Planetarium

  • Shows for children (Mister Astronomer’s Tales, A Space Gallery,Tales about the Sky and Stars, the Earth in Space);
  • Grades 1 to 3 of primary schools – the Earth in Space;
  • Nature in primary schools and Physics in lower secondary schools (TheSun is a Compass, a Clock and a Calendar, the Rotary Movement of theEarth and Its Consequences, the Solar System), ;
  • The Planetarium has several exhibitions (Matter from Space, AstronomicalInstruments in the Times of Nicolas Copernicus, Sputnik I,the Lunar Opposition and Solar Eclipse of 31st May 2003) (in the Observatory)and a specialist library.