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The metropolis of Richmond (Virginia, US), inhabited by more than a million of people, comprises the city of Richmond (ca. 200,000) and Shires of Henrico, Hanover and Chesterfield.Slightly bigger than Olsztyn, the city of Richmond is believed to be the most comfortable, the most modern and the healthiest to live among other cities of the United States. It offers tourists and businessmen a variety of attractions. Richmond is a historic city – the former capital of the Confederate States of America. At present it has the status of an independent city.

About cooperation:

• The town twinning agreement was signed in 1995
• The agreement between Olsztyn and Richmond is a result of participation in the project “Managers for Managers”, carried out in the years 1993–1995. The then authorities of Richmond paid special attention to broad economic contacts, which also resulted in cooperation with a very distant city of Olsztyn. The director of the department of economic development of Richmond City Council found even a business partner for the Olsztyn Picasso company specia-lizing in artistic craftworks. Unfortunately, the distance between the two cities is a serious obsta¬cle and for some years there has been no active cooperation between the cities.



City of Richmond
900 East Broad Street
Virginia 23219