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 The logo of the city was chosen after a competition organised in 1997. The committee decided on the project by the Olsztyn architect Ewa Gadomska. It ischaracterized by clear form, the easy way of copying it in a coloured as well as black and white version and readability. The designed emblem combines the maximum of content with simplicity of form – it shows the Gothic castle, situated among the forests, lakes and rivers, and the shining sun above. 

Not only the graphic signs function as symbolic characteristics of the city of Olsztyn but also the application of a certain colour allows to focus on the most recognizable elements of the urban landscape: 

red – refers to the Gothic architecture of the red brick buildings, 

green – symbolizes the forests surrounding Olsztyn, 

blue – refers to lakes and rivers around the city, yellow – stands for the shining sun, the symbol of optimism about city’s future and its further development. 


The City Board approved logo in September 1997 and since then most of the promotional materials of the city bear that sign. Logo is also used in reference books, folders promoting Olsztyn in various Polish and foreign publications, during exhibitions, sporting and artistic events, touristic fairs, it can be seen on stamps, T-shirts and is applied to other souvenirs. 

The use of the Olsztyn logo by a legal or natural person as well as by an organizational unit without legal personality requires the permission of the President of Olsztyn. The subjects interested in its application are obliged to sign the license contract with the City Office, specifying the conditions, aims and the period of making use of the sign.



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