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A 10-century-old city is located in central France, 263 kilometers south of Paris. Its favourable geographic location fosters economic development of the city supported by international companies as well as small and middle-sized regional manufacturers. Good economic situation gave a possibility to erect numerous public buildings – recreational, sports and cultural centres – which offered the citizens a chance of doing sports and tourism as well as taking advantages of cultural and artistic life. The summer season is rich with cultural events: evening concerts, international dance and music workshops or open-air theatre festival. Once a month there are also antique fairs. Three museums give an insight into the history of the city, which also boasts on the Equinoxe University Centre, holding the title of the Great Stage, granted by the Ministry of Culture. The Medioteca offers an access to the collection comprising over 400,000 documents. All in all – a cultural offer of Châteauroux is closely related to the history and tradition of the city. In 2007 an impressive cultural multicentre, with the cinema, theatre and concert halls – was opened. What’s more Châteauroux, surrounded by gardens and forests, is one of the most flowering cities of France.

About the cooperation:

• It has all started with private contacts of the citizens of Olsztyn of French origin or the ones cooperating with Châteauroux.
• The history of cooperation between Olsztyn and Châteauroux dates back to the year 1991, when the cities, in the assistance of the representative of the World Federation of United Cities signed a Protocol of Friendship. The two self-governments aimed at reviving cultural, tourist, social and economic exchange and declared, above others, the will to adhere to the regulations of the “Sister Cities Charter”. Thanks to that agreement a lot of schools and other institutions active
in Olsztyn and Châteauroux established their own contacts, whereas the exchange programs have been continued until now.
• Since signing the town twinning agreement, the cities have been cooperating in various fieldscomprising: medicalinternships, exchange of cultural institutions (e.g. dance clubs,Warmia Dance and Song Ensemble, Collegium Baccalarum Teachers’ Choir, Radość Children’s Ensemble), sports clubs (judo, chess, swimming), craftsmen and the youth. The cooperation has been also maintained between the Olsztyn venue of the Polish Post and its counterpart in Châteauroux.
• Annually Châteauroux grants one or two scholarships to participate in a two-week dance workshop during the DARC festival. Moreover, the city invites a representative of Olsztyn to the fairs of craftwork and regional products. Besides, non-governmental organizations of the two cities have entered broad cooperation focused on hel-ping the disabled.

• In 2006, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the partnership between Olsztyn and Châteauroux, the Equinoxe welcomed the performance of the Olsztyn Puppet Theatre and Kortowo Students’ Song and Dance Ensemble. Moreover, the citizens of Olsztyn presented the “Let’s Love Warmia” exhibition,
shown also in Offenburg and Gelsenkirchen. That wandering exhibition was thought to convey the message - “Let’s Love Our Small Homelands” – the project aimed at mutual cooperation despite state and regional divisions in the era of united Europe
• In turn, the representatives of Châteauroux visited Olsztyn on 19 May 2006. The event was also participated by the delegates of Offenburg who celebrated the 25th anniversary of their contacts with Olsztyn. Those two splendid jubilees brought closer the Polish, French and German nations.
• On 11 July 2008, the project of international music workshops was crowned with a concert taking place at the Olsztyn Concert Hall. The performing artists were students of music schools of Châteauroux and Olsztyn.
• On 27 July 2008 the Association of the Polish Artist Musicians in cooperation with the City of Olsztyn invited the French organist Michel Louet from Châteauroux to take part in the Olsztyn Organ Concerts, which initiated the cycle of organ concerts performed by musicians of the sister cities of Olsztyn.



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