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The Olsztyn hymn was composed in 1920 by Feliks Nowowiejski and performed for the first time on 2 June of the same year at the plebiscite concert. The text of the “Warmian Hymn” – as it is properly called – was published in “Gazeta Olsztyńska” on 18 May 1920. It was stated that the author of the hymn was the Poznań poet Maria Paruszewska. Its opening lines sounded “O Warmio moja miła” (“Oh, My Beloved Warmia”). In 1969 the musicologist Jan Boehm proved that  the present form of the hymn text was a result of co-operation of Władysław Bełza, Maria Paruszewska and the composer’s  brother, Rudolf Nowowiejski.

It was, however, 25 years later – at noon on 28 October 1947 – that the hymn was performed on the trumpet from the tower of the city hall by a firefighter. Unfortunately, that tradition disappeared as the official municipal fire service dismissed a full-time trumpeter and there were no candidates to take up the service as a part-time job. The inhabitants of Olsztyn heard the tune of the “Warmian Hymn” again on 22 January 1969 – this time played by chimes. Since then it has been performed every day at noon. Later on the chimes were replaced with an electronic device – the steering clock and amplifiers were donated by the Olsztyn craftsmen. The hymn can be also heard at midnight on New Year’s Eve.



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 Oh, My Beloved Warmia


Oh, my Beloved Warmia

thou, my motherland,

thou put me to sleep in your arms,

my heart is filled with overwhelming joy.


You were treacherously captured,

but our labour was not in vain.

The chains of the captivity

have been broken today by the folk themselves


We, the loyal children of Warmia,

we do love our beloved motherland.

After years of historical maelstroms

the time has come for joy.


There are now Polish flags

flying over the Olsztyn old castle,

the former seat of the Teutonic Knights,

that is a witness to a miracle of thenational rebirth!


The enemies were afflicting Warmia

until the world was shaken by the war

and our beloved White Eagle

changed its flight path towards Warmia.

Oh, the resurrected Warmia

do hear the song of your children

Oh, Warmia, the entire Poland

shed her blood for you.


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