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Czerwony Tulipan

Its lyrical repertoire of deep cultural context is dominated by sung poetry. Since 1985, the year of its foundation, an
artistic profile of the group has been created by Ewa Cichocka (vocal), Krystyna Świątecka (vocal), Stefan Brzozowski (vocal, acoustic guitar, artistic management) and other musicians. Since 1992 a member of the band is Andrzej Czamara (acoustic guitar). Czerwony Tulipan is an indispensable part of poetic and musical landscape of Olsztyn. The band gave numerous concerts all over Poland, while Stefan Brzozowski is considered the most famous Olsztyn bard.


Shannon was created in 1994 as a result of deep fascination with Celtic culture, which lies at the base of their music. In the late 1990s, they earned the esteem of the fans of folk and traditional music, which was proved by immense popularity of their two records – “Loch Ness” and “Święto Duchów” – as well as the other ones – “Shannon”, “Green Hypnosis”, “Tchort Vee Scoont Folk!” and “Psychofolk”. Since then Shannon started to appear at festivals in Poland (“Folk Fiesta” in Ząbkowice Śląskie, “Eurofolk” in Włocławek, Festival of Celtic Culture in Dowspuda) and abroad (in Denmark and France).

Czyści jak łza

Cabaret of Radio Olsztyn, active for years in the field of radio artistic satire. They specialise in literary song, with traces of absurd and black humour. As professional actors, the band, apart from the songs, presents also their own sketch comedies, monologues and satiric poetry. It was granted many awards e.g. during the Academic Youth Art Festival FAMA, Feasts of Humour and Satire in Lidzbark Warmiński, Festivals of Cabaret Song OSPA in Ostrołęka and PAKA in Cracow.

Scena Babel

Created in 1999, is an active organiser of Olsztyn artistic life, regularly presenting their music-poetic performances. Apart from their own repertoire, the band draws their artistic inspiration from the classics of Polish song – Starsi Panowie Cabaret, poetry of Agnieszka Osiecka, Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska, Józef Czechowicz, Jonasz Kofta, Wojciech Młynarski, Tadeusz Nowak or Franciszek Halas – which makes each of their concerts a unique artistic event.

Kapela Jakubowa

Founded in 1997, performs unique song repertoire based on Warmian-Mazurian folklore. As the members of the band are regarded regional bards, the name of the group, which refers to the patron of Olsztyn, St. James, is not surprising. A unique artistic expression of “Kapela Jakubowa” makes their concerts an unforgettable experience, which brought them numerous awards and their CDs became parts of a large number of private collections.

Kaczki z Nowej Paczki

Kaczki z Nowej Paczki have been performing their own satirical songs and composing parodies and pastiches of famous songs. They have been active since 1982, winning a lot of main prizes at Festival of Polish Song in Opole and All-Polish Stage Meetings in Rzeszów. They have recorded three CDs with their greatest hits – “Gruba Luśka”, “Dziubdziub”, “Zapraszamy na rowery”, “Piosenka o stoliczku”, “Autobus wycieczkowy” and “Tankuj do pełna”


A rock group performing since 1995. Their music is highly
energetic mixture of electric guitars and vocal, sometimes aggressive, sometimes melodic, which creates a unique musical atmosphere. In June 2007 they recorded their third CD “Oddychaj”.

Big Day

BIG DAY came into life in July 1992. It plays music which may be described as “hit rock”, rooted in the tradition of the 1960s, and guitar English music of the early 1990s. The band frontpeople are Ania Zalewska and Marcin Ciurapiński. Their greatest hit, which made them incredibly famous, was “Dzień gorącego lata”.


Came into being in 1999. Its music is Ukrainian folk-rock intertwined with their own compositions. They have recorded four CDs – “Tecze woda” (2000), “Hoca-drała” (2002), Christmas carols and pastorales (2002) and “Horpyna folk&roll” (2006).


A band fascinated by the beauty of the Great Mazurian Lakes Region and tourist song, has been performing since 1998. Their repertoire comprises their own compositions, covers of Krzysztof Klenczon and Seweryn Krajewski, and, when necessity arises, popular sailor songs and shanties. In 2002 they released a well acclaimed record “Szaleństwo Majki Skowron” and in July 2007 their second CD “Wrócisz na jeziora”.


One of the most popular Polish rock bands. Its beginnings date back to the year 1993 when the band Babsztyl was dissolved. On the Polish music scene Harlem situates itself between Dżem and Perfekt. In the studio of Olsztyn Radio they have recorded five albums, including a debutant one containing their core repertoire. The band gives also innumerable concerts, the most prestigious being the one played together with Deep Purple, the legend of rock. Moreover, Harlem is often invited as a guest to participate in motorcycle rallies.


HITANO was founded over 15 years ago by Adam Lutek Fedorowicz, who is also a president of HITANO Romani Culture Association, to popularise Romani culture and folklore. The band, whose members are the Romani people living in Olsztyn, takes an active part in cultural life of the city. Thanks to their initiative a Romani Day was officially listed in a calendar of artistic events of Olsztyn Artist Summer. The band has recorded two CDs.