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Municipal Culture Centre

ul. Dąbrowszczaków 3,
tel.: 89 522 13 50


It is located in the Old Town, in the very centre of Olsztyn’s artistic life. Each year Spichlerz and Rynek Gallery are hosts to over 100 various cultural events. From September to June they organize vernissages, concerts, meetings, theatre performances and film presentations. The activity of MOK comprises all forms of art – plastic art, literature, film, music and theatre. Moreover, it supports valuable projects of individual artists and prospective cultural initiatives of institutions and social organizations. There is also Olsztyn Chamber Choir “Collegium Musicum”, “Moderato” vocal ensemble, “Sąsiedzi” Amateur Club of Plastic Artists and Municipal Brass Band that are affiliated with the Centre. The latter, founded in 1985 by its present conductor Józef Kieliszewski, is made up ofmusicians of Olsztyn Philharmonic, military orchestras and schoolteachers. The band has given hundreds of concerts in Poland and abroad. In the Centre the youth is given an opportunity to develop their interests in literature circle, theatre group “Kokon” or during journalist and film workshops, while children can join a dancing and singing group “Radość”. MOK is also the organiser of the longest summer event – the Olsztyn Artist Summer – lasting from 15 June to 15 September.


District Culture Centres

Agora, Akant, Akces, Alternatywa, Astra, 17, Na Górce
They are active within local communities and, above all, cater to the needs of children and the youth, offering them attractive forms of holiday recreation. Moreover, each centre launches projects to activate the elderly people. Their culture animators, with a great passion and dedication, work towards the set goal, which is to develop personality as well as creative skills of their students. As the Centre offers various sections and hobby circles, it is often the place to gain first-hand art experience, which may have a decisive impact on future life decisions of the youth.


The Youth Palace

ul. Emilii Plater 3m,

tel. 89 527 32 69,


It is the major educational institution in Olsztyn. In 16 sections students are provided with all necessary help to arouse and develop their interests. Amateurs of playing, dancing and singing may join Folk Dance Group “Rutka”. Another interesting suggestion is dance and theatre section. There are also vocal ensembles, with an immensely popular boychoir, early music ensemble and keyboard or guitar lessons. Acting skills may be acquired in a theatre section, divided into a few age groups, while puppet theatre “Iskierka” develops plastic and theatre skills. Moreover, the offer comprises a tourist section, scale modeling club, sport shooting range, bridge and chess sections. The fans of writing may become members of journalist group. The Palace houses also an art gallery.




Polish-French Centre Côtes d’Armore Warmia and Mazury

ul. Dąbrowszczaków 39 ,

tel.: 89 527 63 73,

The centre was founded as a result of official cooperation between Warmian-Mazurian Province and a Department Côtes d’Armore in Bretagne (France). It popularises French culture, art and the language, holds painting and photographic exhibitions, organises cultural meetings e.g. French Culture Days or Bretagne Days. It has also initiated the presentation of Polish regional culture in a department Côtes d’Armore and within the region of Bretagne.


Center for Education and Cultural Initiatives

ul. Parkowa 1,

tel. 89 513 17 34,


It is located in Jakubowo – one of the most beautiful parks in Olsztyn. Center for Education and Cultural Initiatives (CEiIK) integrates local communities as well as cultural circles of the region, builds, revives and maintains regional cultural identity, diagnosing social activity in that field. It is also a Warmian-Mazurian representative of Polish National Agency of Youth Programme, aimed at establishing and maintaining international contacts and experience exchange. Furthermore, the Centre organises the Castle Meetings “Śpiewajmy Poezję” (“Let’s Sing Poetry”), supports initiatives of a Discussion Film Club “ZA”, “Tratwa” Association and the Centre for Performance Research and Theatre Education “Węgajty”.


Student Culture Centre of the University of Warmia and Mazury

ul. Czesława Kanafojskiego 1 (DS 2), 10-718 Olsztyn
tel. 89 523-32-36;


Its main aim is to meet cultural needs of the University students, providing conditions for developing their interests, fulfilling passions and giving them professional support to put their own ideas into practice. The Centre offers rehearsal rooms, instruments, sound reinforcement system and organises a large number of cultural events. At present, it has over a dozen sections including “Kortowo” Song and Dance Group, “Cezar” Student Theatre and “Jamnik” Student Photo Agency.