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Municipal Public Library

ul. Rodziewiczówny 2 , 89 535 30 80

The collections of its 17 venues, situated in all city districts, are of generalcharacter. Two venues are aimed at the youth and adults, one catersto children and the youth, another one is a special venue aimed atsmall and medium companies. Information Centre Collection includesthematic sections, which subject matters vary greatly from management and organisation, finances, banking, statistics, waste management,logistics through marketing, urban planning, heat engineeringand wood industry to local government issues.Children and the youth have at their disposal two most technologicallyadvanced libraries in Poland:


“Planeta 11” Multimedia Library
ul. Piłsudskiego 38, 89 535 44 8

“Planeta 11” Multimedia Library. It is one of six such librariesin the world and one of the most modern in Poland. It was openedin September 2004 as a part of Bertelsmann Foundation project “Libraryfor Young Customers”. The Library caters to young people over thirteen,providing books, CDs, DVDs, computer games and computer programsas well as multiple computer workstations with Internet access andsoftware. There is also a possibility to play CDs and DVDs. In addition,the library collection contains professional grammatical coursebooksand multimedia materials for foreign language learning, including thehighly popular languages, such as English, German, French, Italian,Portugese or Russian as well as more exotic ones – Arabic, Japanese,Hebrew or Greek.

Moreover, the library launches initiatives activating the youth. One ofthem is a project “European Voluntary Work”. They can also developtheir interests in the field of poetry, graphics, theatre and film or meetfriends and present their talents and acquired skills.


al. Piłsudskiego 16, tel: 89 527 28 10

“Abecadło”opened on 21 March 2006, is a modern library forchildren up to 13 years old. It is situated on the second floor of the“Alfa” Shopping Centre. Children have an access to books and audiobooks,25 periodicals, multimedia (VDS, CD, DVD), toys, computers andthe Internet. They have at their disposal modern technical equipment– computers, CD and DVD players, overhead projectors, printers andscanners. They may always get help of librarians and voluntary workers.The Library collection includes also books and periodicals for parents tohelp them understand the children psyche and their needs. Moreover,children may perform theatre, music or drawing tasks and are offeredhomework assistance from librarians or voluntary workers.


ul. Limanowskiego 8,

MultiCentrum caters for various educational needs, offering agreat range of activities involving the application of advanced computer technologies. Apart from using computer or the Internet, they can learnbasics of computer programming, compose music or discover fascinatingrealm of new technologies. MultiCentrum is divided into thematicsections. The youngest readers may immerse themselves in the worldof Multi Garden ruled by fairytale creatures – Pudding and Meringe.Children get to know colours and shapes and may try to design a gardenor a house. Furniture projects may be printed, coloured and taped. Thereis also a MultiDzieci section, where the youngest citizens of Olsztyn, withthe help of interactive map with marked roads and pedestrian crossings,learn road traffic regulations. Here they can get to know the basics ofmathematics, music or construct simple machine models. They willdiscover the notes in section MultiMuzyka, providing young music fansnot only with computer keyboards but also keyboards and microphones.The Centre has also an offer for amateurs of visual arts. Multi Art Sectionis equipped with very simple programs for caricature drawing and morecomplex ones, used in “Star Wars” by special effect designers. Alsomathematical sciences were not forgotten. Children and the youth havethree sections to choose. MultiLogic is the world of computer-controlledrobots, car models, various mechanical devices and constructions madeof special elements. MultiLearning teaches practical biology, physics andchemistry while thanks to MultiTechnique you may become up to datewith most advanced industrial technologies.


Emilia Sukertowa-Biedrawina Provincial Public LibraryLibrary
ul. 1 Maja 5 i Stare Miasto 33
tel.: 89 524 90 32

Emilia Sukertowa-Biedrawina Provincial Public LibraryLibrary is located at the Old Town Hall, which after renovation hasreinstated its original, Gothic form and is a real architectonic gemof the city. It is a fine example of perfect combination of traditionaland mo dern styling. Moreover, the automation of library process hasbeen carried out, which enabled interlibrary cooperation. The readershave then an access to interlibrary loan system and database of theNational Library in Warsaw. The library collection contains special andrare items – records, CDs, and audio-books, documents of social life,photograms, the old prints as well as the books for the blind and sightimpaired.It also organises various cultural events e.g. author meetingsor exhibitions in Stary Ratusz Gallery.


Main Library of the University of Warmia and Mazury
ul. Oczapowskiego 12b
10-719 Olsztyn
tel.: 89 523-33-09
fax: 89 524-00-05

The Main Library of the University of Warmia and Mazury offers widevariety of educational services, being a research arm of University scholars.It also makes its resources available and useful to anyone from thecity, region or country.It is the largest scientific library in northeastern Poland, comprisingat present over 880.000 books. All branches of science are wellrepresented, which guarantees successful performance of scholarresearch and achievement of didactic goals at 40 faculties of 15University departments.Library Information System of the University of Warmia and Mazurycomprises: Main Library, four department libraries, library of AcademicGymnasium and Highschool, two venues in Ełk and Braniewo, 29 facultylibraries, institute libraries, Centre of European Documentation andHelpdesk of Information Normalisation.The new library building, the most modern of that type in Poland,is situated in Kortowo II. It offers 700 reader seats, 300 computerworkstations with Internet access, eight individual study rooms,five rooms with audio-visual equipment, café, the information desk,bookstore, stationer’s, winter garden, two panorama terraces, threedidactic rooms and two rooms for group learning.



Library of HOSIANUM Priest Seminary
ul. Kard. Hozjusza 15
tel. 89 523 89 75

Library of HOSIANUM Priest Seminary The Library collection comprises 324 incunabula (the largest collectionin northeastern Poland), 7.618 old prints, 141.399 newer prints and93.166 periodicals. It boasts a unique collection of books publishedin printing-houses of Braniewo from the 16th century up to the year1945. A part of incunabula and old prints comes from the library ofCollegiate Chapter in Dobre Miasto, Chapter Library in Frombork, whilesome books belonged to the collection of former libraries of Ornetaand Reszel. The preserved Warmian incunabula are precious archivalevi dence of intellectual culture of Warmia in the second half of the 15thcentury. The choice of the authors and themes of the prints publishedin the leading printing-houses of the then Europe prove high culturallevel of buyers, readers, libraries and schools of the then Warmia. Thelibrary collection caters to alumni and theology students as well as students and scholars of other Olsztyn higher schools, especially of the Universityof Warmia and Mazury.