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Historic places, with the history hidden within the old walls, are currently used not only as exhibition space for national cultural heritage but also stage concerts and innumerable cultural events, launch educational initiatives and even organize food or wine tasting events. In fact, castles and palaces, housing most often museums, have been gradually regaining their primary function – they teem with life again. And what is hidden behind the walls of Olsztyn museums?



Museum of Warmia and Mazuria
ul. Zamkowa 2, 89-527-95-96

The museum, opened in July 1921, has been located at the 14th centuryGothic castle of the Warmian Chapter. In post-war times, since 1945,the Museum functioned as “Mazuria Museum” and in 1975 changedits name to “Museum of Warmia and Mazuria”. Initially, its collectionencompassed plebiscite-etnographic regional items, nowadays it housesa fine collection containing exibits of regional history, archeology,numismatics, art, fine artistic craft, writing and folk culture. The Galleryhighlights include collection of Gothic sculpture, sacred Warmianpainting, Dutch portrait painting, tin and brass craftwork and moderngraphics. The pieces are beautifully displayed in medieval interiors,which in the years 1516–1521 used to serve the then administratorof the goods of the Warmian Chapter – Nicolaus Copernicus. Up tillnow, on the wall of the castle gallery, there is a unique reminder ofhis stay – a handmade experimental astronomical table from the year1517. The Museum library boasts also medical incunabula used by thatoutstanding astronomer.



House of “Gazeta Olsztyńska”

Targ Rybny 1, 10-019 Olsztyn

89 534-01-19

The museum is situated in a reconstructed building, the pre-war(1920– 1939) editorial office and printing house of “Gazeta Olsztyńska”.Its collection contains items referring mainly the history of Olsztyn, witha special focus on the tradition of Polish press in Warmia and Mazuria.





Museum of Natural History

ul. Metalowa 8, 10-603 Olsztyn

89 533-47-80

It is a venue of the Museum of Warmia and Mazuria in Olsztyn, locatedin a late 19th century secessionist palace. The Museum is a home to over18 900 mostly zoological, botanical and geological items. Visitors havealso access to a permanent exhibition “Animals of Warmia and Mazuria”.In addition, the Museum carries out various scientific research activitiesand runs a large number of educational projects.

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