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Borussia. Culture-History-Literature

 ul. Kopernika 45, tel.: 89 534 00 26

It is published twice a year as a regional periodical on culture and history of Warmia and Mazuria. At its base lie ideas of open regionalism and movement of local initiatives, tendencies especially alive at the beginning of the 1990s.  ”Borussia” published articles on the past, today’s specificity and perspectives for the region, being a place where cultures, religions and various traditions permeate and coexist. Apart from the basic, historic-social and cultural scope of subjects, it pays a lot of attention to literary issues, giving the renowned Polish poets a chance to publish there their works. In review section, they describe newly printed books on fine literature and central problematics of the periodical. BORUSSIA releases monographic issues, which often follow conferences and sessions coorganised by the editorial. Within 15 years, it has welcomed about 900 authors and translators.