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In Olsztyn, talented, young people may gain the knowledge and develop their skills in many centres of artistic education. It is not difficult to become a painter, actor, musician or dancer when living in Olsztyn. The youth may attend one of artistic schools and broaden their skills under the guidance of experienced professionals. There are also other institutions providing all necessary assistance to young adepts of the art.


The University of Warmia and Mazury Faculty of Social Sciences and Art

 ul. Szrajbera 11, 10-007 Olsztyn
 tel:+48 89 524 52 25

The faculty educates musicians and plasticians, who contribute greatly to development of Olsztyn artistic community. Institute of Fine Arts comprises sections of painting and drawing, graphic, graphic design, sculpture and theoretical-methodical subjects, while the main focus area of the Institute of Music is choir performance.


Aleksander Sewruk Post-Secondary Acting School
ul. 1 Maja 4
10 - 118 Olsztyn

A three-year Acting School, with dramatic art as main focus area, has been operating at Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn since 1991. The School is located next to the Theatre, in a renovated building with advanced technology facilities. It disposes of professional rehearsal, ballet and backstage rooms. In July 1998, on the decision of the Ministry of Culture and Art, the Study obtained a status of a public school, offering a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree. Its graduates appear on stages of numerous Polish theatres.


State School of Art

uL. Partyzantów 85

The school educates the youth in the following faculties: artistic ceramics, visual advertising, drawing and painting, sculpture, basics of design, basics of photography and film or art history. Lessons take place not only in school’s studies, but regularly take a form of painting and sculpture outdoor sessions. Moreover, the School carries out international projects, cooperates with other art schools and cultural institution of the region, launches theatre-plastic initiatives and conducts apprenticeship programmes for ceramic artists.

Fryderyk Chopin National Primary and Secondary Music School 

ul. Kościuszki 39 , tel.: O89 527 26 91 ,


The school offers two educational routes: a six-year long for children over seven and a four-year long for children over ten. Following the former one, children learn to play the accordion, piano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, guitar, trumpet and percussion, while the latter allows older children to play mainly wind instruments: bassoon, oboe, trombone, saxophone and horn. Apart from playing musical instrument students learn about music history, play in instrumental ensembles and sing in the school choir. The graduates of the primary music school may continue their education in secondary school in instrumental, vocal or rhythmics section.