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Olsztyn Theatre Meetings – March (Stefan Jaracz Theatre)

The festival counts as the most interesting theatre event taking place on Polish stages and in selected theaters of neighbouring countries. To experience that extraordinary theatre adventure, where traditional theatre faces its modern forms, it is worth to take part in Theatre Meetings organized by Stefan Jaracz Theatre and the Association of Theatre Culture. A rich offer allows for formal and esthetic diversity of plays, catering to various audience groups, who may also watch dance theatre or pantomime. So far, the audience had a chance to watch performances of Warsaw Studio Theatre, Ateneum Theatre, Stara Prochoffnia and Montownia Theatre, Wierszalin Theatre of Supraśl, Eighth Day Theatre, Wrocław Pantomime Theatre, T. Szewczenko Theatre of Tarnopol, Peter Rose from the U.S.A., a singer André Ochodlo and a musician Boris Kovac&LaDaABa Orchestra from Serbia.