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Non-Formal Animation Theatre of Korzunowicz

That professional, private Theatre has been operating since 1996 as a three-member family group. From the very beginning their artistic activity is closely connected to Olsztyn and the region. They have staged a large number of premieres, launched numerous educational projects and organized plenty of workshops. Their artistic initiatives were very well received and brought them many prestigious prizes.

“Za Dwa Grosze” Theatre

It started its activity in 1994 staging children fairy-tales in schools and kindergartens. In 1998 it presented first plays for adult audience. Apart from artistic activities they launch various educational projects and mount addiction prevention campaigns.

“Biały” Theatre

It has been operating since 2003, though it is a successor of Olsztyn Rhapsodic Theatre. Its members are trying to sustain the idea of the word being the essential structural element that governs theatrical work.


“CEZAR” Student Theatre

The theatre came into being in October 1997 at Higher Pedagogic School in Olsztyn. They made their stage debut performing a spectacle “Każdy z nas”. At present they are active at the University of Warmia and Mazury, though their initiatives comprise the area of the whole city. By means of theatre art “CEZAR” looks for various forms of expression. The Theatre is also an organiser of All-Polish Student Theatre Festival Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.